YouTube is putting massive autoplaying ads on its TV apps

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Do you like seeing massive ads that take up half of your TV screen? No? Too bad, because you’ll soon be forced to watch the company’s signature Masthead ads on your television’s YouTube app. This is bound to be a huge moneymaker for our pals at Google.

Google says that YouTube is the number-one ad-supported streaming TV platform in both reach and watch time, with TVs its fastest-growing device at 250 million hours watched per day. Of course, YouTube generates a vast majority of its revenue through ads, so it was only a matter of time before it used those statistics to its benefit.

Some free advertising for Ford.

On TV, the YouTube Masthead will begin to play automatically after a few seconds on the home feed, and it’ll go full-screen a few seconds after that. Thankfully, there isn’t any sound. Starting today, YouTube has opened Masthead TV ads to advertisers via a global beta, and it can be purchased on the traditional CPM scale.

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