Will the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett be the Last Traditional Consoles?

X Scalper

Apocalypse Shadow1d 11h ago (Edited 1d 11h ago )

Not a bad first time out. But maybe add some off the cuff talking in the future. When someone is just reading, it’s a turn off and makes me want to find the information you’re reading on the teleprompter and just read it myself. There’s no energy coming from the speaker.

Example: Switch what he’s talking about to a medical video. Yeah. It’s like that. Informative but dry. Games are entertaining. So, commentators should give off that feeling too.

Will there be a next gen after next that’s coming up? Who knows. We could be in a world conflict or a recession or great depression. They’re extreme. But it’s a guess like knowing if hardware will still be sold. No one knows.

I don’t like the DRM and not being able to play if you don’t have an internet connection. And, asking me to buy full priced games when I can’t physically own them or download them. I’m old school. That’s ridiculous to me. If it’s a flat fee a month to play like a flat fee a month to watch Netflix, then I could accept Streaming as an optional way to play. Other than that. Hell no! One more example:

I have PSVR and bought Firewall Zero Hour used for $17.99. It’s hella fun. But, it REQUIRES an internet connection to play for ***single player*** training mode. I knew that going in and bought it almost a year after launch. The ONLY game that I have that does this. Lately, Cox Cable has been going out randomly because they are supposedly “upgrading.” I was playing a mission and the internet goes out. Resulting in automatically being kicked out of the game. In ***singled player** training mode. Now, I can wait until the internet comes back or play an offline game that’s digital or physical I OWN. When a game forces you to move on because you can’t play it, then I don’t want a streaming future at all as an option. Ever. I’ll take hardware always. And, streaming requires hardware anyway. So, why not just stick with native hardware.

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