We tested CBD dog treats so your hound didn’t have to

X Scalper

Ah, CBD. You can barely browse about health online without coming across this chemical and its supposed benefits. But it’s not just people who are taking CBD to experience its benefits: some people are giving it to their pets too.

Because we’re intrepid, caring souls at TNW, we just couldn’t give a drug to our pets. No, we had to try it first. So, we, uh, did.

Before we do that though…

What the hell is CBD?

Good question. To put it simply, it’s the part of the marijuana plant that doesn’t get you high.

CBD is a shortened version of cannabidiol. Along with THC (the bit that does get you high), this is one of the main cannabinoids that appear in the weed plant.

Now, CBD has become popular because many people believe it has a host of positive properties, including relaxation, nausea control, and pain relief — despite limited medical evidence.

Okay, and what about CBD for pets?

Again, it’s important to note how little research there has been done on this. This great piece breaks down (the lack of) research that has gone into the impact of CBD on animals, but can be summed up as: it seems like it’s probably fine, but you never know — so don’t take this as gospel.

Right, got it. So, these CBD pet treats then…

Yep, you can get them for cats or dogs. We got the dog kind. Specifically, the Steak Bites. They come in a container that looks like this: