“VFD Rescue Me” Social Media Campaign Partners with Pets

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VALDOSTA, Ga. – The Valdosta Fire Department is teaming up with Humane Society of Valdosta to host the ‘VFD Rescue Me’ pet adoption social media campaign in hopes of finding forever homes for the shelter’s cats and dogs.

The partnership officially kicked off Friday, September 13, with the first group of 7 animals. VFD will visit the shelter each month for a photoshoot, pets will be showcased throughout the month.

The idea is inspired by similar efforts all across the country.

“We have seen departments across the country have a huge impact on the adoption rate by just using social media as a resource to get the attention of people looking to adopt a pet,” said VFD Chief Boutwell. “Every Month, we send a number of firefighters out that have volunteered to do this and they interact with an animal up for adoption. We will take their photo and post that on our Facebook page. This is a great partnership for the City of Valdosta.”

To find the most up to date list of pets available, please visit:

https://www.humanesocietyofvaldosta.org/adoptables/ or contact the Humane Society of Valdosta by calling 229-247-3266.

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