This ace iPhone XS Max deal will convince you to skip the huge cost of 11 Pro Max

X Scalper

There are a few things Apple is known for with its snartphones. Innovation, style, easy-to-use IOS. But perhaps above all, it’s the massive price tags. And nothing resembles that eye-watering price range more than the new iPhone 11 Pro Max deals.

With that in mind, for those that want Apple in one of its larger forms, we actually think last year’s iPhone XS Max could be the way to go. While this older phone is also a pricey investment, a recent crash in price has made it a more than affordable alternative.

With a iPhone XS Max deal from Three offering up 100GB of data for just £56 a month, going for the older handset will save you a mountain of cash. In fact, the exact same deal on the 11 Pro Max would cost you an additional £380!

Of course, there is a reason for the 11 Pro Max’s hefty price tag. It is currently Apple’s best phone, rocking a triple camera set-up, the fastest CPU around and a glorious HD screen. But, if you don’t mind taking a small reduction in power and dropping down to a dual camera system, the iPhone XS Max will be the far cheaper option.

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