October 1, 2020

The My Verizon app is causing call delays on Android 10 devices

X Scalper

It’s not atypical for new OS releases to have teething issues, and Android 10 is no different… at least for Verizon users. Those on Big Red who just updated to the latest Android software have been experiencing severe call delays on their Pixels, and it turns out that the My Verizon app is to blame. The issue can be alleviated by revoking some permissions or deleting the app altogether.

Google’s support forum currently has a thread on this problem with over 400 replies from frustrated Verizon subscribers. They describe a delay of anywhere between 20 seconds and a full minute when making and receiving calls, which can obviously be quite inconvenient.

Luckily, there are some simple fixes. If you don’t use My Verizon, you can outright uninstall the app, and your delays should go away. If you do use the app, head to settings and revoke the permissions to call logs and/or calls for it. Just like that, you can enjoy making and receiving delay-less calls once again.

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