The Monster Hunter Arcade Game That Never Left Japan

X Scalper

Monster Hunter World is CAPCOM’s best selling game of all time. After 14 years of attempting to convince the western market that battering huge Chickens with massive swords on the bus is fun, CAPCOM finally managed to create an instalment in the long running franchise that resonated with a worldwide audience.

In Japan, however, Monster Hunter has been nothing short of a 15 year long national phenomenon. Since 2004, Monster Hunter has sold millions of copies every single year, quickly becoming CAPCOM’s second biggest franchise after Resident Evil. It makes sense, then, that CAPCOM has capitalised on the series’ long running success with a number of weird and wonderful spin-offs. Monster Hunter Diary: Puri Puri Poogie Race (or “Poogie Race”) is an arcade game based on the Monster Hunter franchise. You play as a Felyne riding on the back of a Poogie, competing in a number of Mario Kart style races against your competitors.

The twist? The way you play is… unique, to say the least. Take a break from playing Monster Hunter Iceborn to learn more about this weird and wonderful arcade cabinet and the story behind its creation.

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