Super Nintendo World Park To Open In Japan With Two Rides, Interactive Park Elements

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Super Nintendo World, the Nintendo-themed attraction coming to Universal theme parks, will reportedly open with two rides and an interactive element. Universal Parks CEO and chairman Tom Williams talked about the park plans at a Comcast Media, Communications, And Entertainment conference.

Attractions Magazine reports that the first such attraction is slated to open in spring 2020 at Universal Studios Japan, putting it just in time for the summer Olympic games in Tokyo. That opening will include two rides–one themed after Super Mario Kart, and another omni-mover ride called Yoshi’s Adventures.

Super Nintendo World will also feature magnetic bracelets that will let guests interact with the park itself, which will span three levels. Park attendees can track scores gained on the attractions and rides. Williams also suggested that the score interface will be supported on your game console, suggesting possible interoperability with the Nintendo Switch. But that functionality hasn’t been detailed.

Williams didn’t indicate when we might see these attractions come to the West at the Universal parks located in Orlando and Hollywood, but he did indicate that creating a new land takes 5-6 years. That means if you want to see Super Nintendo World anytime in the near future, Japan may be your only option.

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