Stefanos Tsitsipas doesn’t want to check social media anytime soon

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Stefanos Tsitsipas defeated Hubert Hurkacz in Davis Cup on Friday. The Greek player admitted he feels inspired when he plays this team event. “It’s a different feeling. I am playing for the team. I would love to play Davis Cup even more.

Now that we have made so much effort to reach the play-offs, we have to continue. I do not want to put it aside. I am interested in my country and team and we have chances to go even further. I know how it feels to play for a national team.

I fought many times when I was younger representing my country in summer camps, but it was much more different than the tour. And it’s a nice feeling to play for a team. The nerves are different. When you are on the court, you feel you have nothing to lose, you play freely.

You do not seek points or money and so it’s special. You play your best tennis. I really want to help the national team, I think we can do very well.” He announced he will not check social media for a while. Could he change his mind? “I do not have it on my mind at the moment, first of all, I made an agreement with myself.

And so far I am happy with how things are going. At the moment I do not want to be on social media again.” Tsitsipwas was impressed by his compatriot Michalis Pervolarakis: “I am proud of him, a very nice kid. I like his calmness, his mental balance when he is on the court. He inspires me and I think I can learn a lot from him when he is on the court.”

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