Star Wars Battlefront 2 Update Adds New Planet This Month

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As developer DICE prepares Star Wars Battlefront II for its upcoming Cooperation update, publisher EA has confirmed that the first-person shooter will add the planet Felucia to the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One game on September 25.

According to an EA blog post, Felucia is broken up into five distinct posts, each with a set theme. Command Post Village will feature structures that “almost blend into the environment.” Command Post Sarlacc is a “narrow structure overlook[ing] the now-deceased Sarlacc.” Command Post Farm is a “relatively open [area]” with multiple entrances. Command Post Caves contains a “network of open-air caves” in a fairly secluded location. Finally, Command Post Swamp is “surrounded by fairly open terrain” with an ample amount of cover.

EA says that while Felucia looks captivating, the environment is pretty hostile. Harmless-looking mushrooms will explode and a few of the planet’s flora can leave behind a dangerous gas that will inflict damage on anyone caught in it. Felucia comes packaged in Battlefront II’s Cooperation update, which is scheduled to launch on September 25. Full release notes are expected to arrive early next week.

In June, franchise design director Dennis Brännvall outlined some new content headed to Battlefront II. This includes the Droidekas and the Galactic Republic TX-130 tank from the Clone Wars. Further, DICE revealed a roadmap for Battlefront II that features new single-player content, a four-player online co-op mode, tweaks and changes to certain game types, and more.

Battlefront II is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game comes included in an EA Access/EA Play subscription on PC/Xbox One.

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