Spend Rs 500 per month; get 24 hr police security through hi-tech system | Kerala police new security system

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Thrissur: The Kerala Police started a new technology-based security system to alert the police force in case of any attack against ATM centres or jewelleries. This does not require raising alarms or calling the police. It is Kerala Police that implements the system for the first time in the country.

The security system that consists of camera, sensor and control panel ensures police observation and security for 24 hours. The security arrangement called ‘Central Intrusion Monitoring System’ is implemented by the home department with the cooperation of Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Limited (KELTRON).

The service will be available for anyone at the cost of Rs 500 a month. They have to bear the cost of installation of the equipment. If burglars or attackers intruded into the places where the equipment is installed, an alert will be sent to the police control room immediately.

Information including a video of 3-7 second duration will be sent to the local police control room. Each and every movement of the burglar will be sent this way even if power or internet is disconnected. Also the route map of the location and phone number and other details will be passed instantly.

The police can take action according to the nature of the crime and the movement of the attacker. They will file FIR and charge suo motu case as per this system. A face recognition camera that records the picture of the burglar or the attacker will be arranged shortly. The new system will be useful when the houses are locked for some time.

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