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As Tropical Depression Imelda hits east Texas and Louisiana this week, local journalists and civilians are updating social media in real time to track the storm’s progress.

The storm is expected to bring about 35 inches of rainfall to areas of Texas through Friday.

Here are some updates from social media:


At left: A flooded I-10 near Beaumont, TX during#Harvey. (Credit: Diana Christensen Thornton)

At right: A flooded I-10 near Beaumont early this AM from#Imelda (Credit: Manny Valdez via@collinabc13)

— Jonathan Erdman (@wxjerdman)September 19, 2019

Photos from Tami Tarmac of flooding at the Elegante Hotel in Beaumont. Homes are also taking on water and rescues are

— Jillian Fertig (@JillianFertig)September 19, 2019

He having the time of his

— Gabrielle S (@sydni_simon)September 19, 2019

A viewer sent these photos from County Village Apartments between Beaumont and Fanett. Viewer says there are many elderly residents with pets on the first floor of these apartments. Nobody can get in or out but the apartments have declared mandatory

— reportingjoy (@reportingjoy)September 19, 2019

Snapmap shows even first responders having a tough time around Beaumont

— Chase Benton (@chase_benton1)September 19, 2019

Tropical depression#Imelda causing high water and flooding. Check out this photo of Sam’s in

— Darrian Graves (@DarrianGraves)September 19, 2019

We have@TWCChrisBruin LIVE in Beaumont, TX, where the water is up to his knees (and he’s 6’4″).

Please exercise caution, and do not drive on flooded

— The Weather Channel (@weatherchannel)September 19, 2019

This morning search and rescue activities are underway in the Beaumont area. Your Texas Game Wardens and State Park Police Officers are actively working with state and local

— Texas Game Warden (@TexasGameWarden)September 19, 2019

Southeast Houston Flash flood on Reveille @ Park

— Cesar Martinez (@cman3636)September 19, 2019

Houston this is why I YOU! Strangers helping strangers. When flooding strikes you are there. Thank

— Marla Carter (@MarlaABC13)September 18, 2019

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