Social media helps law enforcement make arrests

X Scalper

YUMA, Ariz. – Local law enforcement is using social media to help solve cases.

The Yuma Police Department (YPD) started using Facebook at the beginning of 2016. That year, social media assisted in solving at least seven cases.

It also helped investigators solve some cases that captured the community’s attention… like the Amberly’s Place Thrift Shoppe burglaries in July 2018.

Officers paired pictures of the suspect with this post:

That was a huge one. We had a lot of people that started hitting us up with names and locations, or they’ve seen this guy around, said Sergeant Lori Franklin, YPD.

The result more than 100 shares.

YPD says social media also helps witnesses remain anonymous. It makes them more comfortable when reporting a crime. 

Officers due monitor social around the clock, but for the fastest response, they advise calling dispatch.

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