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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas brings in millions of tourists every year, but thanks to social media more and more people are coming here for medical reasons. 8 New Now’s Bianca Holman investigated the trend that’s creating a boom in medical tourism.

According to the American Society for plastic surgeons, plastic
surgery is a $16 billion industry in the U.S. It’s also an industry where
Christopher Khorsandi uses the latest technology like Vectra Software to give
patients a 3-D view of their dreams.

“Specifically, what I wanted to do was bring people here
from outside the city into Las Vegas to have procedures for medical tourism.
There is an abundance of rooms, plenty of stuff to do here,” Khorsandi said. “With
social media, now there is an opportunity for us to reach our target audience
outside of the city.”

Cal Marshall — founder of Burger Media — helped Khorsandi become “Doc Vegas” online, building his following from 30,000 to more than 100,000.

“We look to tell authentic stories. We base it off the client’s
personality,” said Marshall. “We create something that is a part of them.”

Patients’ ages vary between early twenties to forty, and they’ve all seen the “Doc Vegas” page, his staff, or his pop art on Instagram or YouTube.

“There’s no more Yellow Pages or billboards,” Marshall said.
“No one is ever looking at a billboard. People are looking at their phones.”

It’s not only doctors, the social media guru says even more businesses are turning to social media to reach millennials. But, Khorsandi says patients should not base their decision on a few glossy pictures or clever captions. He says they must do their own research.

“I’ve had discussions with my colleagues about this. They ask,
‘why should a patient choose a doctor on social media?’ I say they shouldn’t.
They should get to know them and be introduced to them first. Then from that
point do their research. Board certification matters. Training matters, and
experience matters.

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