Social Media Forecast Tuesday, September 17, 2019

X Scalper

Another hot afternoon across the Tennessee Valley, but at least we managed to almost avoid the triple digits. MSL saw a high of 100° this afternoon, but HSV only saw 98°

Adding this onto the calendar it just continues the trend of above-average heat. The average high as of today (September 17, 2019) is 95.3°. For comparison, the average high temperature as of September 17, 2018, was 91.8°.

Hurricane Humberto continues to turn in the Atlantic Ocean as a decent category 2 hurricane. It poses almost no threat to the continental United States and will have no direct effects on our forecast in the Tennessee Valley.

It will have some indirect effects. As Humberto continues to push its way northeast it will gradually push a cold front south that looks to move through the Tennessee Valley sometime Wednesday or Thursday. It’s not the strongest front ever and will bring no rain to the Tennessee Valley.

You will notice some slightly cooler air though in the 7-day forecast.

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