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MARTINSBURG — A Shepherd University professor’s new book contains information on how to teach social media strategies to public relations, marketing and media classes.

Dr. Matthew Kushin, associate professor of communication at Shepherd, published his book, “Teach Social Media: A Plan for Creating a Course Your Students Will Love,” on Aug 12. Kushin said the purpose of the book was to give professors a plan to teach social media classes.

“It’s a book that’s aimed at providing the end-to-end plan for professors that teach in the social media space, particularly in public relations, marketing and related fields,” he said.

Kushin said his book has a 15-week plan, or a full semester, to help teach social media.

He said his book gives plans on how to teach students how they can use tools to use social media for a brand such as nonprofits and institutions.

“It prepares the future social media managers of tomorrow,” he said.

Kushin said his book is designed based on classes he teaches at Shepherd. He said he has been teaching social media since he was a teaching assistant while getting his graduate degree at Washington State University in the late 2000s.

“I’ve been teaching social media in some way or another for a decade,” he said.

Plans in Kushin’s book aim to set students up with a class client, he said. He said students would create strategic briefs on how to run social media for their client and create content over the semester that would be published for the client.

Kushin said he has received positive feedback for his book from all over the world. He said there has been posts on social media from social media professors praising the book.

“I just had an opportunity to do a virtual lecture with a professor at a university in Australia who bought my book,” he said. “He really enjoyed it and wanted to bring me in to chat and use a video recording of me that he could use in his class.”

Being able to interact with interesting professors and being able to give something to the social media community is something Kushin said he is very happy about.

Kushin said it is important for students today to understand how organizations, companies and institutions use social media to develop relationships between them and the public.

“My hope is that this book helps professors better prepare students for working in these industries,” he said.

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