#scottmorrisonwhereareyou social media campaign launched to highlight drought

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An Instagram page has a plan to flood social media with images of people, places and business affected by drought. The page ‘The West Is Waiting’ was launched on Monday evening and now has following of 1400+ people and is quickly growing. The campaign is aimed to capture the eyes and ears of the countries politicians, in particular Prime Minister Scott Morrison. “What help do we want? financial help,” a post explained. “Pats on the backs and bush spirit are no longer enough to keep the doors open. “This movement is for the people and by the people. It shows no boundaries or limits. If you are effected physically, emotionally, financially or mentally, this is for you. “Big businesses, small businesses, communities, farms and townships, this is for you.” People are being encouraged to take a photo of how the drought is affecting them with the hashtag #scottmorrisonwhereareyou Australian Community Media (ACM) understands the page was started in the central west. On Monday, September 23 the group are encouraging people to have this sign in their windows, on mailboxes, and written in the dust on peoples cars. The page is also asking people for their suggestions on what help is needed. “It’s easy to say we want help, but if the help arrives, in what form do we want it?,” the page posted. “We want our ethos to reflect our thoughts as a community. So, what do we want? “We ask you this, if Prime Minister Scott Morrison turned up at your front door and asked what he could do to help, what would you say? Send us a message and let us know.” Nyngan Observer


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