Save 10% on a range of brilliant phone deals from eBay – cheap iPhones included

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Like most other phone launches, the introduction of the brand new iPhone 11 brought two thoughts to mind. First, that this phone is amazing, packed with so many features and a great new camera set up. That thought is quickly followed by a realisation of just how much money it costs to own.

And, if like many, you’re not prepared to give up your life savings for Apple’s latest, eBay has a solution for you. Up until September 20, the online retailer is offering a 10% discount on a massive range of phones with the code PHONES10.

That means you can invest in a range of phones, including cheap iPhones, the iPhone XR, Huawei’s impressive Mate 20 Pro and a host of Samsung’s phones. And, this discount applies across both brand new handsets and refurbished phones.

It is important to note that a lot of these offers come from other retailers with eBay simply being the middleman. With this in mind, check the deal you’re choosing before to see how well it is reviewed and whether there is warranty on offer.

But obviously, with the countdown to get this discount in full swing, you’ll just want to know the details of this offer. You can see everything you need to know below – including the best deals to catch our eye.

eBay Voucher code details:

  • Discount: 10% off
  • At:
  • Voucher code: PHONES10
  • Expires: 11:59pm – Friday September 20
  • Minimum spend: £25
  • Maximum discount: £75

The best eBay phone deals

Below we’ve listed the standout offers from eBay however if you don’t find what you were hoping for then don’t worry, there is still a massive range of phone deals available with this code. Simply head over to eBay to see what you can get.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro | SIM-free | £484.99 £436.49
It might not be Huawei’s newest phone but the Mate 20 Pro is a stellar choice for any fans of bigger phones. And, at a price of £436.49 this is an exceptional price to get it for. Use the code PHONES10 for that ridiculously low price.
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