Provincial government asks N.L. wood cutters to stop operations after social media threats

X Scalper

Wood harvesters have been asked to stop cutting in Newfoundland’s Southwest River Valley after the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources was made aware of alleged physical threats against them over social media.

The department says it has notified the RCMP and wants cutting operations to cease near Port Blandford until it can get more information.

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Permits were issued for the area last year and that has led to protests from some people who are opposed to commercial clear-cutting.

A peaceful protest was held last weekend as some local residents gathered in the woods to show their opposition.

Protester Garfield White told VOCM radio that 75 per cent of the land in question is inside the town’s municipal boundary.

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White says the province needs to listen to its citizens when it comes to projects that will affect people’s way of life and enjoyment of their surroundings.


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