Police: Social media threat led to drug bust

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BELLINGHAM, Mass. (WPRI) — A man accused of making a death threat on social media was later arrested with a large amount of drugs, Bellingham police said Tuesday.

Police said they issued an arrest warrant for Brian Bernier on Sunday after the 23-year-old allegedly sent a threatening Snapchat video to another person in town. According to police, Bernier appeared to be brandishing a gun in the video.

On Monday night, police said an officer spotted Bernier driving on Pulaski Boulevard and pulled him over. Two more officers arrived on scene and began searching the car. While the officers did not find a gun, police said officers did find a variety of drugs, including:

  • Nearly 900 alprazolam (Xanax) tablets
  • Varying quantities of suspected cocaine
  • Psilocybin mushrooms
  • Molly (MDMA)
  • Hundreds of THC products
  • Approximately two pounds of marijuana buds

Along with a charge of threatening to commit murder, police said Bernier was charged with multiple counts of drug possession and distribution. He was scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday in Milford District Court.

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