January 22, 2021

Pixel 4 XL gaming review hits YouTube ahead of the official announcement

X Scalper

At this point, Google might be regretting its decision to manufacture the Pixel 4 in Vietnam; a decision apparently made to avoid Chinese tariffs. It looks like a significant number of devices have found their way out of the factory and into the hands of YouTubers. Another Pixel 4 XL video review has appeared online, this one focusing on gaming performance.

As with the other recent video leaks, this one comes from Southeast Asia. It’s in Vietnamese, but there are passable English subtitles available on parts of this video.

There’s not much new here, but the video confirms a few specs we’ve seen in previous leaks, and you get some nice shots of the phone itself. The reviewer also notes that the white phone has a matte texture on the glass. YouTube channel ReLab promises more videos featuring the Pixel 4 XL soon. At this rate, Google won’t have anything else to show off next month.

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