People should think before they post false news on social media

X Scalper

I cannot wrap my mind around the idiotic things people do without thinking about the consequences of their actions.

I read on the internet of one of the news agencies that the panic caused, which was the result of idiots posting false news on social media about schools burning and children being kidnapped, that four innocent children were trampled in a stampede.

This happened when the parents rushed to school and chaos erupted as everybody wanted to get to their children and get children out of schools.

Community groups can be just as dangerous.

It is amazing how quickly a WhatsApp group can be created and all of a sudden your number is added to a group.

You did not ask to be there, nor were you asked if you could be added.

I was added to such a group during the week and thought I will keep an eye on it to see if something worthwhile is posted

But no, just a load of angry people venting on a group, wanting to do this and that about the situations in the country.

Also, spreading false news on the group and ever so often somebody else, the responsible ones, had to ask: “Is this even legal?” and “Did you verify this post with the authorities before spreading the news?”

There should be a law written to get to these idiots and make them pay for their actions.

Think before you do – consider the consequences of your actions and words.

Normal people do that.

Start thinking, Eden Park


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