OnePlus CEO confirms eight speakers with Dolby Atmos on the upcoming OnePlus TV

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We don’t exactly remember the last time when there was so much buzz around a TV. But OnePlus does know how to make people talk about and anticipate their products to create the right kind of hype. 

While this helps spread the word out in the world, it also get’s people’s expectations high at the same time. We’re not sure about the rest, but the latest teaser of the OnePlus TV has definitely shot our expectations to the moon only if the audio is considered. The company’s CEO, Pete Lau, tweeted a new feature teasing eight speakers on the TV powered by Dolby digital. 

The teaser comes almost a week after a leaked Amazon listing revealed the same details. It also mentioned that the eight speakers will be rated for 50W of power.

What the eight speaker setup could look like?

From what we know about the OnePlus TV audio setup, the specs seem impressive for built-in speakers. While we have to wait to see what it actually packs inside, the teaser image does give us a hint of what to expect from the speaker setup. 

The GIF shows a soundbar like structure with two bigger domes on the top part which definitely look like woofer drivers, the other six four circular parts at the bottom  could be either four passive radiator speaker and two tweeters or vice versa. But the top is definitely going to have two woofers, which also goes with the leaked listing that said “50W output with punchy bass to fill your living room”.

With this kind of setup on top of Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision support, the OnePlus gives an impression that it’s going to offer a good cinematic experience for both audio and visuals.

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