Nintendo Is Dominating The Industry In 2019 In The Strangest Of Ways

X Scalper

PhoenixUp3h ago

“This year has been another year of Nintendo”

After being disproven countless times in 2017 & 2018, it’s cute that some people are still so quick to say Nintendo dominated 2019 despite clear evidence saying otherwise once again.

Sony & Nintendo’s financial reports in the first half of 2019 shows that

– PlayStation 4 shipped a total of 5.8 million hardware units and 97.6 million software units.
– Switch shipped a total of 4.6 million hardware units and 46.52 million software units.

Switch may be doing well for itself, but until the overall actual hard numbers start saying otherwise it’s absurd to say that the platform dominated its competition this year. Even if Switch does really well this holiday season, that doesn’t mean it always came out on top for the majority of the entire year.

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