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Elana C. Doyle, a candidate for the selectman’s seat in the special election, said she would plan to focus on housing, wastewater management and improving the town’s social media presence.

Ms. Doyle experienced the housing problem for herself when she tried to buy a house as first-time homebuyer.

“It took almost two years to buy a house,” she said.

Ms. Doyle, who created the Facebook page Mashpee Message, thinks that the town could reach, and connect to, more Mashpee residents if it increases its presence on social media, similar to Mashpee Public Schools and Mashpee Police Department, she said.

“I would love to see the town have a page of their own. The Mashpee school system and the police department have amazing pages and they really build their relationship with their communities. I would love to explore that as another means of relationship with the community,” Ms. Doyle said.

Ms. Doyle said that as a young professional and mother, she can bring a different perspective to the board of selectmen. She would be the youngest on the board by about 20 years, she said.

“I understand that people my age aren’t as involved,” Ms. Doyle said. “I’m able to be active, and it sets an example. It will hopefully inspire others to get involved.”

Ms. Doyle, 26, is from Sandwich and lives in Mashpee with her family. Although she is currently a stay-at-home mother, she had worked in banking for several years.

She graduated from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in 2017, where she studied business management. Prior to that, she got her associate’s degree from Cape Cod Community College studying business administration.

More recently, she studied political campaigning at The Women’s Campaign School at Yale University.

She is serving on several boards and is active in volunteering. Ms. Doyle serves on the Cape Cod Young Professionals Public Policy Committee. She has served on the Mashpee Inclusion and Diversity Committee in which her biggest accomplishment was proposing and implementing free child care for Mashpee parents at Town Meetings, she said.

She volunteers for National Alliance on Mental Illness’s chapter on Cape Cod and the islands. She is also a trained member of the Community Emergency Response Training, which trains citizens to help in the case of a disaster.

“I don’t have special interests. I don’t have ulterior motives,” Ms. Doyle said. “I honestly and sincerely want to do what I think is best for the community.”

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