Midsommar Extended Director’s Cut Is Exclusive To Apple TV, Apparently

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After sneaking back into theatres for an Extended Director’s Cut last month, that version of Midsommar will see a widespread home video release–sort of. It seems Midsommar’s extended version is exclusive to Apple TV and, presumably, other Apple devices.

Bloody Disgusting was tapped with the news. Over on the iTunes store, the film’s description notes that the upcoming digital release features “[director] Ari Aster’s extended and unrated director’s cut, exclusive to Apple TV.” The Midsommar: Extended Director’s Cut also includes a time-lapse, behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Hälsingland, as well as an exclusive featurette with the film’s cast and crew.

Midsommar is expected to arrive digitally and On Demand on September 24, and in a Blu-ray Combo Pack (with a DVD and Digital code) and DVD on October 8. The extra goodies in iTunes’ Midsommar: Extended Director’s Cut will be available on September 24, meaning you’ll get to check out the scene Aster absolutely didn’t want to cut.

In our Midsommar review, we said, “Midsommar is an incredibly strong follow-up to Hereditary, and together, these two auteristic, art-house horror films cement Ari Aster as one of the most talented filmmakers currently working in the genre. Midsommar won’t be for everyone–it’s not exactly the commercial-minded horror blockbuster we’re used to seeing in the middle of summer. But for those who don’t mind a strange and terrifying trip, Midsommar is a movie to watch again and again and again.”

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