Man arrested for making social media threat targeting “Saranac”

X Scalper

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) Police in New York say they have arrested a Plattsburgh man who allegedly made a threat that targeted Saranac.

New York State, Plattsburgh, and SUNY Plattsburgh Police say they were notified of the threat that circulated on social media.

Police say Dominic J. Rainey, 29, of Plattsburgh was the publisher of the posts.

Rainey was arrested for Making a Terroristic Threat and is being held in the Clinton County Jail. He will be in court on Monday.

Police say they have received no credible information that the threats targeted any particular building, school, or community. They believe the threats were were made at an individual, and that person has been notified.

If anyone has information concerning a threat to the public, Police ask you to contact law enforcement as soon as possible.

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