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uTalk Language Education

Learning a new language has many benefits, but the road leading up to mastery can be rather dull. Fortunately, we’ve discovered a more fun and intuitive solution.

uTalk is a language learning app that makes the torture of memorizing textbooks a thing of the past. Attaining bilingualism can add depth to your resume and make your favorite travel destinations more meaningful.

Over 30 million satisfied users have utilized uTalk to learn new languages.

This app doesn’t waste time with memorizing a whole dictionary; you’ll usually have Google Translate handy for that. Instead, you’ll learn practical vocabulary in the language of your choice so that you can apply your knowledge to real-world scenarios right away.

All of the pronunciations are verified by native speakers to give you the most authentic learning experience. Your path to fluency is reinforced by plenty of interactive games and achievements to measure your progress.

uTalk at a glance:

  • Choose one of over 140 languages to learn from any device, any time you want.
  • Discover real, practical vocabulary that you can use in real-world situations.
  • Measure your achievements as you go along.
  • Verify your learning by playing speaking games.
  • Learn from native voice artists who really know what they’re talking about.

There are three uTalk packages on offer right now. If you’re only interested in one or two languages, you can get a lifetime subscription to uTalk for just $19.99. That’s 76% off the typical retail price.

The savings are even more substantial as you sign up for more languages. Instead of paying $325, you’ll only need to spend $29.99 one time for the six language package. The savings available on the 140+ language package are even better.

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