Latest Pixel 4 leak confirms three colors, lists Ireland pricing starting at €820

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With just over three weeks to go before the Google Pixel 4 launch, a fresh leak out of Ireland gives us more information on the color availability of the new phones and most interestingly a look at pricing.

Google will once again offer “Clearly White” and “Just Black” colors, with the previously-shown orange receiving the honestly bad name of “Oh So Orange.” The Irish retailer shows all three colors available for both the Pixel 4 and 4 XL, and each will be available in either 64 or 128GB of storage. That’s all just as we’d expect, and great to see that Google will once again give us open options of colors and storage in both models.

If this pricing holds true, we aren’t facing a big price increase year-over-year.

The most interesting part is the pricing information listed on the product pages at this particular retailer. The Pixel 4 comes in at €820 for 64GB, or €940 for 128GB. The Pixel 4 XL with 128GB storage is €1126. The prices are listed in Euros, including VAT (value added tax), so they aren’t directly convertible to U.S. prices — but typically the U.S. prices come out to be about 1:1 when you factor in the exchange rate and also removing the VAT. It’s not perfect, and there are lots of variables at play, but it’s something to work with.

Ahead of launch retailers often have incorrect (on purpose or not) pricing for listings, so it’s hard to take these things to heart. But as it stands, if these are the right prices, then we aren’t going to be facing a price jump from the Pixel 3 — let’s hope that holds true when the phones are finally announced October 15.

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