iPhone’s new triple lens leaves social media laughing

X Scalper

At the moment Apple pulled the wraps off its newest triple-lens iPhones, the Cupertino tech giant set the world of online commentary on fire. Everyone out there, it seems, has a strong opinion about the new rear-facing trifecta of a camera system.

“Twitter users mock iPhone 11 Pro’s triple-camera, compare it to fidget spinner and spider’s face,” cried an NBC headline.

“The New iPhone 11 Pro Camera is a Monster,” said Popular Mechanics.

The temptation of mockery was too great to bear.

“The cameras can also shoot three videos simultaneously,” said a reviewer at the global news outlet RT. “However, in the Twittersphere, it seems style matters more than substance as the odd camera configuration coaxed commenters’ creative juices into full flow.”

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