Hackers clone Darth Vader’s social media accounts – and are asking people for cash

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The man behind the mask of Darth Vader has warned fans and friends that his social media accounts have been cloned.

Spencer Wilding said some of his thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram have been sent messages inviting them to chats via an app called Hangouts, where fraudsters pretending to be him have asked people for money.

One friend of the Rhyl Star Wars actor was asked for €400 to be paid via PayPal or Amazon gift cards codes and another was asked to send pictures of her 12-year-old daughter.

A bogus email address has also been set up.

Speaking to North Wales live, the Hollywood heavyweight who has starred in a host of blockbuster movies, said: “This first came to my attention about a week ago when a friend asked if I had sent them a message trying to get them to download Hangouts.

Screenshots of hangout messages sent to friends of Rhyl actor, Spencer Wilding by hackers

“These hackers have been pulling up my social media profiles and taking pictures off them to make it look like the accounts are mine.

“Then they’ve been starting conversations with my followers and friends trying to get them to move over to Hangouts to ask them to transfer money.

“It’s disgusting and I just want to warn people about it. I’ve also been trying to report these fake accounts.”


Messages sent to one friend of Spencer’s asks her to fill out a form giving her date of birth, email address, full name, maiden name and passport details.

One says: “Kindly pay the form fee…You are to pay $300 for the form fee…payment can be paid via PayPal or Amazon gift cards code. Thanks for your lovely support been one of my greatest one (sic).”

Rhyl Vue Cinema. Star Wars premiere with Spencer Wilding as Darth Vader

The woman said: “Someone started a conversation with me pretending to be Spencer and as I had previously messaged him to talk about my daughter starting up boxing, I didn’t think anything of it at first.

“They asked for my daughter’s email and date of birth and said I’d need to fill out a form and his agent would contact me.

“Then he started demanding photos of her and asked for £400. I knew that didn’t sound like Spence so I set a bit of a trap by asking about his relatives to try and trip them up. Then I asked his mum’s name and they couldn’t tell me, obviously the real Spencer would know the name of his own mum.


“But I’m panicking a bit now because this person knows my daughter’s name, date of birth and school and could easily look her up.

“I would protect her with my life and I know Spence wouldn’t see any harm come to her.

“It’s just a troll out to trash his good reputation and they need to be stopped.”

Spencer Wilding plays Noruk the orc in the new Middle Earth: Shadow of War interactive trailer
Spencer Wilding plays Noruk the orc in the new Middle Earth: Shadow of War interactive trailer

Friend, Scott Johnson, a police officer and training coordinator for the Port St Lucie Police Department in Florida,  who came to know Spencer through Comic Con, said: “I was messaged by one of my friends/coworkers who had the pleasure of meeting Spencer this past summer.

“She is a police officer with me and asked me if Spencer has changed his Instagram account.


“After speaking with her in depth we found that a person had made/generated an Instagram account using Spencer’s photos and was asking her to chat and even download an app called Hangout.

“After my coworker asked the impersonator a question only Spencer would know, the impersonator began making excuses and not answering.

Spencer is urging people to report the fraudsters
Spencer is urging people to report the fraudsters

“My coworker then reported him/her to Instagram and they immediately blocked and suspended that account.”

He added: “Apparently he/she has moved on to now doing same thing on Facebook – and is harassing all of Spencer’s friends on his contact list to include some very well established people in the movie industry.

“It’s horrible that this person is able to clone the account of someone like Spencer. It’s definitely a strong case of identity theft and violations of many aspects of information sharing.”

It is understood the incident has been reported to the police.

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