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Greer Police Department officials said they are continuing to check the origin of a social media post that launched an expanded law enforcement presence at Greer High School on Friday.

Greer PD Lt. Patrick Fortenberry said his agency was contacted by Greenville County Schools Friday about a social media post that he said police found “concerning.” He did not disclose the social network or the content of the post.

“The school district passed along information to us that was concerning to them, and to us that we passed along to criminal investigators,” Fortenberry said. “The post itself didn’t even mention Greer High School and there was no real threat, but it could have been inferred or assumed. Out of an abundance of caution, we wanted to investigate it to make sure everybody felt safe.”

Fortenberry said the post did identify a student.

“We spoke to that student, they were very cooperative with our agency and we did not see any type of threat for students, staff or faculty there at Greer High School,” Fortenberry said.

The agency continues to attempt to determine the origin of the post, however.

“In general, with the advent and amount of social media that is out there, we encourage people not to bully others and entice people through social media because it gets taken out of context and it causes a lot of resources to be expended,” Fortenberry said.

The investigation led to an increase in both law enforcement personnel and additional district administrators at the school, Fortenberry said.

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