GreedFall Review – Push Square

X Scalper

Robert: “Spiders has been busy this generation. The French developer has released two role-playing titles up to this point: Bound by Flame in 2014, and The Technomancer in 2016. Both games had some cool ideas and a unique feel, but ultimately, they were let down by wonky gameplay mechanics and stunted storytelling. There’s a spark of something greater at the heart of Spiders’ output — but until now, it’s been smothered.

We say until now because GreedFall is without a doubt the studio’s best title to date. Third time lucky, the developer has finally bolted its passion for somewhat strange fantasy onto a rock solid gameplay foundation. GreedFall is bigger than its predecessors but also much more consistent in tone and structure — it could well be Spiders’ breakout release.”

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