Google Photos makes overflow menu redundant with new EXIF panel design

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Google Photos is redesigning its single-view overflow menu and metadata panel. Instead of forcing users to tap on a ellipsis button in the top-right corner of the screen to access tasks such as printing, archiving and deleting, they can now find them with just a swipe up.

The existing designs for the overflow menu and EXIF data

All of the toggles previously found in that overflow menu have been moved to a scrollable stripe that sits atop the EXIF data. While the corner icon remains in place, it only serves as a de facto swipe up to the EXIF panel. Each action now has an accompanying minimalist icon, leading the whole affair to become sort of like the standard Android share sheet.

As to the metadata itself, the date and time formatting is now the header for the section and users are encouraged to write a description for that particular picture or video. Other formatting has remained the same.

The new design for the combined overflow and EXIF panel / Images: Alvar

While our devices are running with the latest Google Photos update, v4.24, some still have the old overflow and EXIF views, so keep an eye out for this redesign — we’re not entirely sure if this is part of a test or if it’s being rolled out in stages. Let us know if you’re seeing the change, too!

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