Google Maps incognito mode is in testing, along with eyes-free navigation

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Google Maps incognito mode is currently being tested.

Google Maps has received plenty of love in 2019, but the search company is reportedly hard at work on two more additions to the mapping service.

The company is testing an incognito mode in the preview version of Google Maps (version 10.26), according to Android Police. Google Chrome‘s incognito mode doesn’t record your browser history on the device or your Google account, and a similar principle is in effect here.

The Google Maps incognito mode won’t save your browsing history, update your location history/shared locations, or use your data to personalize the experience. Check out a screenshot below.

A screenshot of Google Maps incognito mode.Android Police

This might be handy if you’re doing shady things or looking for a birthday gift and don’t want someone to see where you’re going (if they have access to your Google account or device). It might also be useful if you’re going to a place you know you won’t like, and you don’t want Google to recommend similar places.

Google Maps incognito mode isn’t the only interesting feature coming to the platform though. XDA-Developers has also uncovered references to an eyes-free navigation option in the preview version of the app.

The so-called Eyes Free mode will apparently reduce the need to look at the screen when walking around, as it will deliver more frequent and detailed voice guidance.

XDA also noted references to incident reporting for various situations, such as broken-down vehicles, obstructions on the road, and lane closures.

What features would you like to see in Google Maps? Give us your answers in the comments section!

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