Get a month of Now TV’s Sky Sports pass access for half price – includes all 11 channels

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Fancy trying out the complete Sky sports package with no long-term commitments? Then this Now TV Sky Sports pass offer is perfect for you.

Instead of the standard price of £33.99 for a month of Sky Sports on Now TV, it will only cost you £16.99 today. After that month it goes up to £33.99 a month from there on in. But if you don’t fancy paying that much for the service, you’re able to cancel it anytime you want as it’s only a one-month rolling contract. If you were going for a full-on Sky deal, you’re looking at a minimum 18-month contract.

Unlike many fresh Now TV deals, this offer is open to new and existing customers, as long as you don’t currently have an active Sky Sports pass.

So if you want a month of discounted premium footy, F1 and more then this is a fine offer. Don’t forget, you actually get all 11 Sky Sports channels. This includes Premier League, Football, F1, Racing, Cricket, Golf, Sky Sports News, Mix, Action, Arena and Main Event.

Now TV Sky Sports1 month-pass | £33.99 £16.99 at Now TV
Try all 11 Sky Sports channels for half price for a whole month if you don’t currently have an active Now TV Sky Sports pass. That’s plenty of time to work out if you want to keep it for any longer at the auto-renew price of £33.99 a month. You can leave at any time though, which is quite handy at the end of the footy season for many viewers not interested in many other sports over the summer. This offer expires 23:59 September 30th.
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Now TV deals are a great way to access Sky’s other excellent content without signing up to a long contract too. You can pick and choose access to packages like Entertainment, Sky Cinema, Sky Kids and of course Sky Sports channels on a rolling 30-day deal. We’ve gone into greater detail on all of these options in our regular Now TV passes and offers page.

We know plenty of people that use the Now TV service as a beta test to see what’s available on Sky’s channels before signing up to a regular Sky TV deal with options for even more channels, recording live TV, HD and 4K viewing and potentially bigger savings with a longer contract. If you’d like to check out these options, be sure to take a look at our guide below:

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