Gears 5 Dares To Be Different

X Scalper

Spurg4h ago

This was an evolution that Gear’s campaign needed.
-The sandbox area allowed characters to have more dialogue which leads to better development of that character.
-Upgrading jacks abilities allows for great progression throughout the game but most importantly changes combat drastically whilst making it more fun and creative.
-The 20 hrs long campaign is great for building the world even more and flesh out minor characters. Act 1 itself was
-Gears 5 has tons of enemy variety and weapons. Almost all of the enemies from Gears have a presence in this game.
-Words cannot even describe the graphics of Gears 5.
-Soundtrack from Ramin Djawadi is absolutely great bringing back old and new.

That’s just Campaign, there are 3 more modes.
I don’t really care about scores but this game is nowhere near the Metacritic of 85 it got, it belongs in the mid 90.

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