October 1, 2020

Galaxy Tab S6, A90 5G] ARCore renamed to Google Play Services for AR, adds support for Note10 and more devices

X Scalper

Google is always hard at work on adding ARCore support to new devices. This time around, those include the brand-new Note10 and 10+, but other than that, a bigger shift has occurred on the company’s AR front – that is, if you count marketing and naming schemes as big shifts. The catchy ARCore Play Store listing makes way for the cumbersome phrase “Google Play Service for AR.” The change has already been visible for a while, but the company only introduced the new name in the app’s changelog last week, along with announcing support for 60fps rendering on capable devices.

The name brings the AR-enabling package in line with the regular Play Services, which makes sense. Both aren’t usable apps per se: They support other apps with SDKs, powering AR experiences in them or, in the regular Play Services’ case, giving them mundane functionality such as push notifications. The ARCore branding lives on as the official name of Google’s AR platform on Android Developers, though.

On the technical side, ARCore now supports 60fps rendering on capable devices like the Pixel 2 and 3 series, allowing for smoother previews and improved AR videos.

Official Changelog:

  • Support for 60fps rendering on capable devices.
  • This service has been renamed to “Google Play Services for AR” and will be installed automatically on eligible devices. Previously this service was named “ARCore”.

Last but not least, we’ve compiled a list of devices that recently received support for the AR service, sorted by manufacturer:

  • LG G8S, Style 2, Stylo 5
  • Realme X
  • Samsung A7 (2018), Galaxy Note10, Galaxy Note10+
  • Xiaomi Mi A3

If you own any of these, ARCore Google Play Services for AR will install itself automatically in the background – but in case you don’t want to wait around for it, you can grab it from APK Mirror right away.

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