Food vendors enjoy social media boost from Dari Halte Ke Halte – City

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In the digital era, when extensive use of social media is deemed a double-edged sword, dimsum vendor Jarno has been only enjoying the good side.
Customers were seen lining up on Wednesday morning at his stall Dimsum Arsyif on Jl. Blora in Central Jakarta. He noted there had been a spike in the number of customers ever since the stall was featured on the @darihalte_kehalte Instagram account in August.
The stall is located about 100 meters away from the Sudirman commuter line station, which is also near the BNI City airport train station and the Dukuh Atas 1 Transjakarta stop.
Jarno, one of the owners of Dimsum Arsyif, said his sales had since significantly increased, to the extent that he and his work partner, Toto, could start at 5 a.m. and wrap up their stall and go home at about 1 p.m., much earlier than when they used to go home in the early evening.

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