Final Fantasy 7 Remake Features Classic Mode, Plays Closer To Original Turn-Based Style

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With Tokyo Game Show 2019 happening, plenty of news has come out of upcoming Japanese games, including Final Fantasy VII Remake. While we got a fresh look at the new combat system, along with seeing Tifa and Aerith in action (and the summoning of Ifrit), we also got details on Classic mode. And series producer Yoshinori Kitase took the stage to show off the game and walk through how Classic mode works.

In case you’re out of the loop, the standard combat system for FF7 Remake has you attacking in real-time to fill up the ATB gauge, which then allows you to pause the action to execute special attacks, cast spells, and use items. Thus, it plays like an action RPG. However, in Classic mode, standard attacks are automated and the ATB gauge fills up on its own. You won’t have to worry about the real-time action aspect, and you would only need to take care of executing commands as if it was a traditional turn-based RPG.

The official Final Fantasy VII Remake Twitter account briefly outlined the system in a series of tweets:

Classic mode is a separate gameplay option that’s intended to make the combat feel closer to how it worked in the original game’s turn-based system. Official footage from the stage show has not been released yet, so if you were not able to catch the segment during the stream, you’ll have to wait to see it in action. For more on Final Fantasy 7 Remake, be sure to check out the hot TGS trailer that shows off Shinra’s villainous goons known as The Turks or the latest FF7 Remake gameplay. You can also see how the squatting minigame has been recreated or watch our early hands-on impressions of the game from PAX West 2019.

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