Final Fantasy 7 Remake Brings Back That Weird Mini-Game From The Original

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Final Fantasy 7 is known for its epic scope and groundbreaking cutscenes, but it was just as notable for its zany sense of humor and oddball touches. The upcoming remake has shown plenty of the grandiose scale and sky-high production values, but the latest trailer makes sure we know that it’s still pretty weird too.

The new trailer out of the Tokyo Game Show provides off lots of story detail, including the debut of the villainous Turks. But if you’re watching closely, it also confirms that the squatting mini-game is back at 1:34. It comes as part of a montage of gameplay including Cloud throwing darts and Tifa doing chin-ups, and it looks as if the timing-based gameplay aspect has been fleshed out a bit more to boot. The squatting mini-game became something of a joke throughout the FF7 spin-offs, and even made an appearance in Crisis Core.

Squatting and chin-ups aren’t the only strange touches coming back for the remake. The lecherous Don Corneo is also spotted in the new trailer. The original implied that the character frequents a brothel and abuses girls, so it’s been an open question how Square Enix would handle him in the remake. By all appearances he looks to be his same old creepy self.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is coming on March 3, 2020 on two Blu-ray discs. Square Enix is producing a $330 collector’s edition. with a Steelbook case, soundtrack, art book, and Cloud Strife statue from Play Arts.

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