Eris the American borzoi wins social media stardom after being dubbed ‘longest dog’

X Scalper

A very long dog named Eris whose owners needed to build a taller fence to stop her jumping over it has gained social media stardom after being profiled on a popular meme page for her incredible length.

Eris, a borzoi from Virginia, has 88,000 followers on Instagram and a video of her trying to jump a fence on the LADBible Facebook page attracted speculation that she was actually a horse in disguise.

Borzois are also called ‘Little Russian Ladies’ ‘Russian dogs’ or ‘walking clouds’.

According to Purina, Russian Czars liked to give borzois as gifts to other world leaders because of the dogs’ gentle natures and unusual looks.

Because they were associated with the ruling class, borzois fell out of favour after the Russian Revolution and the breed only survived because the dogs had been given as gifts outside of Russia.

The dogs grow to between 66cm and 85cm on all fours.

While Eris is certainly tall, she does not yet hold the ‘tallest dog ever’ world title.

According to Guinness World Records, that honour belongs to Zeus, a Great Dane from Michigan who stood 1.118m tall on all fours.

Zeus weighed 70kg and raced through more than 26kg of food a month but passed away in 2014.

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