Dying Light 2 for PlayStation 4: Everything you need to know

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The original Dying Light was the sort of success story that makes you smile. It left the starting gate to lukewarm reactions, but it eventually drummed up a head of steam and went on to be played by millions of gamers worldwide.

While the core of the game was always solid fun, a wealth of updates and expansions since launch have given players an insane amount of content to enjoy in this sandbox. Now it’s time to take everything they’ve learned and put out a sequel that just might be able to compete for Game of the Year honors once it launches. Here’s everything you need to know about Dying Light 2.

Survive the Virus

Dying Light 2

Survive the Zombies

Techland is bringing us more zombies, more parkour, and more complex choices in Dying Light 2’s gameplay. The world may be dying and it’s claustrophobic to think we are down to just one city in this game but that one city is a massive open world to explore.

What’s new with Dying Light 2?

We’ll keep you up to date and all of the new information surrounding Dying Light 2 as it nears its release next year.

September 5, 2019 — New interview with Techland’s Pawel Rohleder

In an interview between GeForce’s Julian Huguet and Techland’s CTO, Pawel Rohleder, a very important question was asked, “What is Dying Light 2 adding on top of the original game?” Much of Rohleders answer are things we already knew and expected like the parkour and melee combat, but the confirmation that the game world will indeed be four times larger than the first Dying Light game is something of note when you consider all of the extra space to run, and the living and dead who will be needed to fill the space.

“New animation system, new quest system which will support choices and consequences, new dialogue system, new UI system, and of course, streaming technology, which allows us to make really huge worlds.” Pawel Rohleder went on to mention the choice impact, “Every choice that you make may impact the world. For example, we have to have different versions of the map area, and the map is huge so the challenge is even bigger. The navigation mesh for AI needs to be different if you make different choices.” We are getting excited (as if we weren’t already)!

June 12, 2019 — New E3 2019 trailer and developer interview

E3 2019 gave us another look at the zombie-infested world of Dying Light 2, this time showcasing its impeccable first-person parkour system and combat. On top of that, the developers sat down for an interview to discuss everything that we saw in the trailer along with what players can expect from its gameplay.

What is Dying Light 2?

At E3 2018, Techland announced the sequel to one of 2015’s most surprising new IPs. Dying Light 2 follows up with a zombie survival horror game that has grown into one of the most polished, fun-filled, and feature complete games in this genre.

As with the original game, Dying Light 2 is expected to offer a first-person open-world experience that emphasizes melee combat and the swift yet fluid art of parkour movement.

What’s the story so far?

The original game had you playing as Kyle Crane, an American agent sent on a mission to infiltrate a human settlement to find a high-value target known as Rais.

Rais is a political figure on the run, and he’s doing that running because he’s in possession of a document that could paint Kyle Crane’s agency in a negative light. Be it for concerns of national security or a crooked official looking to cover their tracks, Kyle’s goal is to either capture that man or destroy that file.

When Kyle hits the ground, however, he finds that it’s easier said than done. He was dropped right in the middle of a zombie outbreak, and sure enough, he’s been bitten. One of the locals helps save his life by giving him an antidote and bringing him into the survival community to recover.

While on the task, Kyle finds that there are genuinely good people in the camp who need his help. His federal duties suddenly seem to play second fiddle to helping people who truly need it.

Fast forward to Dying Light 2, which takes place 15 years after humanity has been nearly completely overrun by the viral threat. There is only one known human settlement remaining, and they’ve holed up in a place called The City.

The City — the map of which is supposedly four times bigger than all the maps in the original Dying Light combined — is said to have a much different feeling compared to the game world of the original. Previously, night and day were equally tough to deal with, with night having fewer hordes overall, but more singularly vicious enemies.

In Dying Light 2, the hordes are mostly retired to shelter during the daytime, while they’ll litter the streets at night. That doesn’t mean your daily tasks will be free of stress when the sun is up. Zombies can still come to attack you if you alert them to your presence, and there’s now a lot more hostility coming from local gangs and other less pleasant survival groups in the area. Especially as The City is divided into 7 distinct districts. The transition between districts will be seamless but each one holds its own difficulties, such as new enemies, and brings different gameplay mechanics, like new parkour moves.

The protagonist of Dying Light 2 is Aiden Caldwell, a man who comes into The City, a man who is infected. Aiden seems to be searching for a cure and fighting for himself, but what that means and the type of person Aiden is will be up to you. We know that this story will have a lot more critical choices to make. For instance, one of the early gameplay demos shows a situation where you have to choose to either help a peacekeeping survival group or turn your back on them for your own benefit. Saving them gives the local innocents access to free water and makes the area safer, but helping the bandit gives you a regular source of income from selling the water while paving the way for more dangerous gangs and zombies. These sorts of choices and the impacts they can have on the game world will be numerous.

Techland secured the help of Chris Avellone, a game designer known for his work with games where choices can affect the outcome of the game world, characters, and story. He has worked on the likes of Planescape, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, and some of the Fallout games, so he’s sure to bring the expertise needed to deliver a game with non-linear storytelling.

Parkour and zombie-punching goodness

Expect Dying Light 2 to build on the exciting foundations established in the first game. Your legs and hands are still your most valuable tools, with parkour being a big part of the experience. You’ll run, jump, and swing your way from one corner of the world to the other.

Techland mentioned they doubled up on the number of animations that go into this system, which should make for more varied moves you can pull off. We’re also set for an even heavier emphasis on the melee-focused combat present in this series, which means you’ll also be looking forward to more crazy weapons to craft.

You’re going to need all that extra stuff for Dying Light 2’s more savvy zombie hordes. The AI is smarter, the zombies are faster, and the rooftop is no longer a guaranteed haven for the main character. And yes, the night is still scary and full of things that seem to lust for your blood more than others’. The enemies become bigger and more numerous, and some will have access to moves you’ve never even seen before.

As with the original, you’ll be able to experience all of this in a 4-player co-op session. Your friends can join you to help fight against the plague, but when they go back to their game their story and city will remain the way they left it. The only thing they’re taking back is character development, so any experience you earn, skills you learn, and items you find in a friend’s game can be used to help make you stronger to take on the challenges your own game presents. As an added bonus to the evolving world based on decisions you make, each friend’s game you enter could be very different from your own. Where you choose to aid the people they might be in it for self-gain, how will that affect the world around you? This is a fun way to see.

When can I play it?

Dying Light 2 is in the works for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The current slated release window is Spring 2020.

Survive the Virus

Dying Light 2

Survive the Zombies

Techland is bringing us more zombies, more parkour, and more complex choices in Dying Light 2’s gameplay. The world may be dying and it’s claustrophobic to think we are down to just one city in this game but that one city is a massive open world to explore.

Updated September 2019: There’s still a generic Spring 2020 release date, but the new interview is reigniting our excitement.

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