Destiny 2 Season Of The Undying Adds New Vex Activity

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It feels like every day, Bungie is releasing new details about what players will be doing over the next few months after the release of Destiny 2‘s Shadowkeep expansion. A new ViDoc provided details about Shadowkeep and Year Three this week, and now we know a little more about what to expect from the first live content drop that starts at Shadowkeep’s launch, the Season of the Undying.

We know from Bungie’s updates that in Shadowkeep, players will take on the Hive and deal with Nightmares, a new form of enemy that represent the trauma Guardians have faced on the moon. Whatever the Hive is up to for that first week after Shadowkeep’s launch is going to get a response from the other forces in the solar system, though. The Season of the Undying kicks off on October 5 with the start of the new Vex Offensive activity, in which the time-traveling robots start invading the moon.

So not only will you be facing whatever new threat the Hive poses, but at roughly the same time, the Vex will make a big push that you’ll have deal with, as well. Here’s the description of what’s happening in the Season of the Undying from Bungie’s rundown:

“As Guardians delve into the Black Garden, portals open allowing timeless Vex war machines to strike back with their own counter-offensive on the Moon. They won’t stop until the moon becomes another one of their strongholds. Find a way to end the invasion.”

According to Bungie’s details, you’ll work with Ikora Rey to find the source of the invasion (which seems likely to be the Black Garden from Destiny 1 and its new raid, Garden of Salvation). You’ll participate in Vex Offensive, which is a six-player matchmade activity, and chase down new weapons specific to it. Bungie is continuing to allow players to chase exactly the loot they want, it seems like–the rundown says you’ll pick what specific weapon or armor you’re hoping to earn in Vex Offensive and unlock it by completing a Pursuit related to it.

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While some pieces of content are free to all Destiny 2 players, as detailed on Bungie’s content calendar, you’ll need to pay to access Vex Offensive. The good news is, the Season of the Undying is included in the price of Shadowkeep. For future seasons, you’ll need to buy a Season Pass (similar to what’s seen in Fortnite or Apex Legends) in order to access seasonal activities.

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