Countdown Movie Trailer Features A New Killer App

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October is right around the corner, and the focus will be on the world of horror movies. And one such film, which arrives on October 25, is called Countdown.

The movie follows a nurse who downloads an app that tells you when you are going to die, only to find out she has three days to live. With others users dying mysteriously, she needs to figure out how to stop her impending doom. Check out the trailer above.

Why didn’t she read the user agreement? There are plenty of apps on the various mobile stores that do this very thing, except it’s a random algorithm and not a real prediction. Interestingly enough, this movie takes that simple premise down a dark path, and that first trailer gives the film a thriller feel while introducing some hideous beast with long, black fingers.

The horror movie stars Elizabeth Lail, Jordan Calloway, Talitha Bateman, and Tichina Arnold, and is directed and written by Justin Dec. This is Dec’s first feature-length film.

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