Clinton County town judge steps down over social media post

X Scalper

A town judge in Clinton County stepped down over the summer after he posted the image of a noose on his Facebook page last winter.

Kyle Canning’s Facebook post was included as an exhibit in a legal filing. Released by the State of New York Commission on Judicial Conduct.

The post by Kyle Canning from Altona included a warning that in order to make America great again we will have to “make evil people fear punishment.”

The matter was investigated by the state’s Commission on Judicial Conduct and Canning’s decision to step down was made public yesterday.

State officials say Canning has agreed to never seek or accept any judicial office in the future.

The New York Times quoted a letter from Canning sent to the Altona town supervisor.

“It does feel pretty terrible to have offended people and not have the ability to serve the town anymore,” Canning wrote. 

According to the Times, Canning meant for the post to indicate his support for the death penalty.

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