Check out the best AT&T deals to save money on your next phone plan

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AT&T always offers special deals to keep its customers happy. These include discounts on smartphones and other tech products, BOGO offers, various bundles, and more.

We’ve rounded up the best AT&T deals that you can get directly from the carrier — check them out below.

Editor’s note: We will be updating this list regularly as new deals are announced.

AT&T deals: Buy Samsung Galaxy Note10 or Note10 Plus and get a second one up to 75% off, plus a $300 prepaid card

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Aura Glow AT&T Deals

Right now, AT&T is offering you a way to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note10, the 256GB Galaxy Note10 Plus, or the 512GB Galaxy Note10 Plus and get a second one up to 75% off. For the second phone, up to $750 will be reimbursed to you via bill credits.

As a bonus, if you buy the phones online, you’ll be eligible to get a $300 prepaid AT&T Visa Reward Card. The card will deliver to you within three to four weeks after you redeem it. If you require more information, check out the deal by hitting the link below.

AT&T Deals: Get an LG G8 ThinQ for free

LG G8 ThinQ AT&T Deals

For a limited time only, you can get a free LG G8 ThinQ when you buy it on a qualifying installment agreement. After you activate your new phone line, you’ll receive $830 in bill credits in equal amounts applied to you over 30 months. The credits will initiate within three bills, and you’ll get catch-up credits once the bill credits start.

AT&T deals: Enjoy 8GB of high-speed data for only $25/month

AT&T Deal Prepaid promo plan

A prepaid plan is a great way to avoid long-term commitments, especially since AT&T is offering 8GB of data for its users at only $25 per month. For context, it would typically cost you $50 per month for that amount of data, so you’re basically saving 50% on your phone bill every month. The only caveat is that this offer is available online only and you’ll need to prepay the $300 upfront for 12 months of service.

Other AT&T deals, plans, phones, and promos

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