Borderlands 3 Anointed Weapons: What They Are, Where To Find Them, And The Best Anointed Guns We’ve Found

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In Borderlands 3, you’ll notice that weapons come in several tiers: Common (White), Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Very Rare (Purple), and Legendary (Orange). You may be content using guns in any tier early on, but it’s in your best interest to equip higher-tier guns during the late-game. However, there’s a separate category within those higher-tier weapons that you should pursue, and they’re called Anointed.

While not necessarily a new tier all its own, Anointed guns are identical to their standard counterparts but with a unique perk that impacts your character’s abilities in significant ways. For example, the Expert Firestorm increases weapon damage by 100% for a brief duration after using an Action Skill. However, not all Anointed weapon perks are helpful for every character as some are class-specific, like the Expert Hellshock, which specifically increases the cooldown for Moze’s Iron Bear by 30% after she exits her mech. It’s worth noting that not all Anointed Guns will have the same perks, as there is a degree of RNG that impacts the types you get.

Anointed guns can typically be purchased from Earl’s Veteran Rewards vending machine in Sanctuary. Keep in mind that you can only buy stock from this machine with your Eridium supply, so be smart about when you choose to fork over what little you have. But if you don’t have enough Eridium on hand, you’re welcome to leave it up to chance by killing high-level enemies and bosses.

If you’re curious about what types of Anointed weapons there are in Borderlands 3, then check out all the ones we’ve looted and purchased below. Though, if you’re more interested in standard guns, then jump into our feature highlighting the best Legendary, Very Rare, and Rare weapons we’ve found.

We’ve noticed that there are non-Anointed weapons that also come with exclusive perks; there are two of these types at the bottom of this feature. We’ve yet to understand how these weapons stand apart from their Anointed counterparts, but rest assured, they’re still quite powerful.

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