Best PlayStation 4 Decal Kits in 2019

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PlayStation 4 Decal Kits
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Let’s face it; when you look at a standard PlayStation 4, it can be kind of boring. It’s like a leaning DVR, a mostly bland-looking box sitting in front of your television. There’s no harm in making it look a little nicer, especially if you weren’t able to score a limited edition version of this console. A customized gaming console can be a great symbol of individuality and belief in personal freedom. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to commit to an intricate and time-consuming paint job. If you’re one of those people, but you still want a customized PS4, a decal kit is a great way to go.

Staff pick

Kingdom Hearts is a phenomenon, and people adore it all over the world. Rep your love for Sora and Mickey buy wrapping your console in this beautiful decal.

$12 at Amazon

The Merc with a mouth is a cultural icon at this point, and having his face plastered over your PS4 is the least you can do for him. He died for our sins, after all. Wait… that was someone else.

$13 at Amazon

Not a Marvel fan? Maybe this DC comics decal will appeal to you more. Batman’s iconic arch-nemesis the Joker adorns this decal, complete with his signature smile that surely sends shivers down the spines of Gotham’s citizens. And as a plus, this bears no resemblance to Jared Leto’s Joker.

$9 at Amazon

While the TV show may be over, our love for Westeros shall never die! Get this three-eyed raven decal to show your passion for the Stark family.

$15 at Amazon

If you’re like me, then you’re a little bit of a sucker for anything that harkens back to the classic Nintendo Entertainment System. If you’d like to cross the streams of consoles, you can get yourself a decal kit which will make your PlayStation look like an NES.

$16 at Amazon

If subtlety isn’t your bag, don’t worry. There are options available to you. You can wrap your PS4 in a chrome mirrored finish which just might blind you if the sun comes in your window and hits your console just right. There is a multitude of colors available in this mirrored finish.

$13 at Amazon

Do you miss the eighties? Perhaps you wish that your PS4 could look a little bit more like the electronics your parents owned back in the day. If that’s the case, you can give your PlayStation a woodgrain makeover. Throw on your smoking jacket and enjoy your new rich mahogany PS4.

$9 at Amazon

If you’re looking for a perfect little droid companion while you’re gaming, then this just might be the wrap you’re looking for. Just make sure it doesn’t have a bad motivator before you leave the lot and that you cover your ears, it swears a lot.

$16 at Amazon

Stick to one choice

You can’t go wrong with any of the above options, but we personally love the Kingdom Hearts decal. It shows off a love for the game in stunning detail and has a stunning color scheme. I love the graphical style of the Kingdom Hearts games, and this captures that style perfectly.

Of course, being a huge Star Wars fan the “totally not R2-D2” decal blows my mind, and I think it would look at home in any old X-Wing. The details on this decal are amazing, and I especially like that it works best stood on its edge, making it look more like a droid.

Whether it’s a television show, comic book, or sports team, you’ll likely find a decal for it. Meanwhile, we will keep looking for more awesome ones whenever we can.

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