Best Motorola Moto Z4 cases you can buy

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The Motorola Moto Z4 is the latest smartphone in the Z series that’s compatible with the modular Moto Mods accessories. That includes the Verizon Wireless-exclusive 5G Moto Mod. If you picked up the Z4, you’ll likely want to protect the phone from harm by picking one of the Moto Z4 cases that are available.

Here’s a look at the best Moto Z4 cases you can buy for the smartphone to keep it safe from falls, scratches and cracks.

Best Moto Z4 cases

Editor’s Note: We will be updating this list as more Moto Z4 cases are added.

1. Encased Moto Z4 case

encased moto z4 case

This case from Encased is a single layer model that still offers a lot of rugged protection for the phone, without adding a lot of bulk. The inside of the case also has an IDS pattern that also helps disperse any excess heat from the phone. The case has matte non-slip finish and durable built-up corners for added impact protection. You can get the Encased case on Amazon for $12.98.

2. Tudia Moto Z4 case

tudia moto z4 case

The Tudia case for the Moto Z4 is a dual-layer case, designed to offer military-grade protection from falls and spills. It has a hard outer PC shell along with a softer inner TPU layer, to help the phone with absorbing the shock that comes from falling several feet. It also has raised edges for the front display and for its rear camera to protect them from scratches. The Tudia Moto Z4 case comes in four colors: blue, matte black, metallic slate and rose gold. It’s on sale on Amazon for $10.99.

3.EasyAcc Moto Z4 case

easyacc moto z4 case

This case from EasyAcc is a slim model that still gives owners a decent amount of protection for the phone. It’s made of a black TPU material that’s designed to be stain-proof. That means you shouldn’t see any pesky fingerprints from your oil and dust-filled hands on the case. You will find that the case has accurate cutouts for buttons and ports, and raised edges for the screen and rear cameras. The case is available on Amazon for $8.59.

4. Bentoben Moto Z4 case

bentoben moto z4 case

This is definitely one of the more unique looking cases you can buy for this phone. This Bentoben case is very rugged, with a hard outer PC shell and an inner TPU layer. It also has some cool “new age” art designs on the back. One is shown above, which is called Mandela in Galaxy, while the other has a rose gold color with a glitter-like look. The Mandela in Galaxy case is available for $10.98 on Amazon, while the rose gold glitter version is a bit cheaper at $9.99.

5. Poetic case

poetic moto z4 case

This case from Poetic is about as tough as you can buy for this phone. Not only does it have a two-layer design on the back for a high degree of protection, but it also comes with an extra front layer that includes a built-in screen protector. The back also has a kickstand as well for hands-free viewing of content. This case comes in blue and pink colors for $18.95 on Amazon, or you can get it in black for the cheaper price of $16.95.

6. Anccer case

anccer moto z4 case

If you don’t want a bulky case, but just want one that looks good, the Anccer case for the Moto Z4 is for you. While this slim single-layer hard PC case won’t offer much protection from falls, this ultra-slim case will at least protect it from scratches on the back. Best of all, there are lots of color choices: black, gravel black, red, blue, green and rose gold. You can get this case for the Moto Z4 on Amazon right now for $12.99.

Those are our picks for the best Moto Z4 cases. Which one do you plan to get if you own this Motorola phone?

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